Sir Rod Stewart admits he ‘can’t imagine’ life without Penny as she inspires romantic song

Sir Rod Stewart admits he ‘can’t imagine’ life without Penny as she inspires romantic song

Rod Stewart discusses his marriage to Penny in 2018

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Sir Rod Stewart has shared how his latest single I Can’t Imagine is dedicated to his beloved wife Penny Lancaster. In a post on social media earlier today, he shared a snippet of the song and its meaning.

The legendary crooner posted a short video with a clip of the new release.

Alongside this, he penned: “I Can’t Imagine.

“Dedicated to Special Constable Penelope Lancaster Stewart.

“Last chance to pre-order The Tears of Hercules out This Friday.”

Sir Rod also debuted some of the lyrics which appear in the song when he shared the clip.

These read: “I can’t imagine waking up with anybody else but you.

“I’ve sung my songs all over the world.

“And I have met some pretty girls.

“Some day though, this will end. I might say farewell to all my friends.

“‘Cause after all is said and done, my youthful days for now are gone.

“There’s only one place, one place where I belong.”

His emotional message sparked a frenzy among his fans.

On Instagram, willett8123 wrote: “You waited a long time to meet the very best lady.

“You definitely have an angel on your shoulder!!! Love all your new songs.”

Fan Hulse_kirst added: “New favourite song!”

Heidi2619 penned: “How lovely is that!”

“Lady Penelope Lancaster Stewart, Sir Rod,” added Carol_Sennet. “Can’t wait for the album.”

Penny and Rod have been married since 2007 but began dating many years prior.

They first met in 1999 when Penny was hired to take photographs of him on tour.

Together they have two children, Alastair Wallace Stewart and Aiden Patrick Stewart,

Penny is Rod’s third wife, as he was previously married to Alana Stewart and Rachel Hunter.

Sir Rod Stewart’s new album The Tears of Hercules is released on Friday.

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