Tamar Braxton Reveals ‘Bum’ Burglar Broke Into Her House & Stole Her Safe: ‘Get Ready

Tamar Braxton Reveals ‘Bum’ Burglar Broke Into Her House & Stole Her Safe: ‘Get Ready

The singer and reality star had a strong message to the man who broke into her home, and announced that she wasn’t fazed by the incident.

Burglars, look out! Tamar Braxton told her fans that she was robbed in an intense Instagram post on Tuesday November 16. The “All The Way Home” singer posted a screenshot of a note that detailed the incident, and she made sure that the robber knew that he didn’t break her. She wrote that she felt that karma will eventually catch up with the burglar, because of her belief in God.

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Most shockingly, it sounded like whoever broke into Tamar’s house was someone she knows. “A few hours ago, this broken, bum a** man (one that I know) broke into my home and stole my safe only,” the reality star wrote. After listing other things that the man could’ve taken, she also revealed that he “went through [her] drawers, broke mirrors, [and] turned [her] bed upside down” in order to find what he was looking for. In an Instagram story, the Braxton Family Values star seemed to also imply that it could’ve been someone that she knew who broke in. “You do not know these people,” she wrote ominously. Law enforcement did confirm the burglary at her Calabasas home, according to TMZ.

While a robbery would certainly shake up just about anyone, Tamar admitted that she didn’t feel frightened by the burglar. “I want you to know first hand that I’m not angry. You did not break me. You did not violate me,” she said, before mentioning that she felt that the man who robbed her will eventually get what’s coming to him, and she’ll have her things returned.

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Tamar mostly let the robber know that he didn’t realize how big of a mistake he made by stealing from her. “Those things you took, he will give back to me a million times fold!!! You took from God!” she wrote. “I’m not sure you realize that I am truly a kings kid and I’m VERY special to him. So I’m sure this one he’s going to take very personally. and Father, have your way.”

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