The post-election job offer Ivanka Trump is getting

At this writing, the final presidential votes are being tallied, so it’s not yet known whether Ivanka Trump will continue to serve as advisor to her father for the next four years. But if the current Commander-in-Chief does get his eviction notice from the White House, Ivanka needn’t worry about being resigned to sitting around and catching up on Netflix series. Reportedly, the famous First Daughter and her siblings are already attracting interest from reality TV producers.

An unnamed source told OK! magazine that a return to unscripted primetime TV would seem to be a natural for the Trump family, considering that they rose to celebrity status thanks to their appearances on The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice. Ivanka, in particular, became a major player, even becoming one of the judges in the sixth season (per Bustle). The TV insider remarked, “For the kids to return to reality TV shouldn’t be a surprise and neither should be the fact that Ivanka is the family member that is getting the most offers, including interest from Dancing With the Stars.

Ivanka may be more of a Shark Tank candidate than a dancer

However, while Ivanka has been known to bust a move or two — most significantly with her sons Joseph and Theodore in a viral Instagram video — she may have her sights set on something other than a Mirror Ball trophy. A friend of hers added to OK!, “She isn’t opposed to going back to reality shows, after all, her dad became the President after his reality show. But the shows she is looking to create are much more similar to The Celebrity Apprentice and Shark Tank than Dancing With the Stars or The Real Housewives!”

It would make sense for Trump to get behind a business-oriented competition show. In addition to her stint on Apprentice, the First Daughter is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business, a major dealmaker for her father’s Trump Organization, and an advocate for women in business (per her White House bio). She also launched her own eponymous fashion brand, which never quite found its following and which she shut down in 2018 to focus on her political role (via NBC News). 

Shark Tank-style show with the First Daughter might just become the next big hit in a post-Trump world. Now she just needs to come up with a catchphrase as viral as “You’re fired!”

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