The ‘This Is Us’ Season 5, Episode 5 Promo Shows Kate & Marc Together, Ugh

Four episodes into Season 5, This Is Us is only just starting to dive into the heart of this season’s plot lines. There was already a lot to deal with going into this season. There’s Kevin’s impending fatherhood and marriage, as well as his fallout with Randall, not to mention Kate and Toby’s pending adoption of a sibling for Jack. However, as the This Is Us Season 5, Episode 5 promo hints, everything fans assume they knew about the present and the past is wrong.

Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 5 follow. Interestingly the promo for Season 5, Episode 5, does not address the biggest elephant in the room. Randall’s coming discovery that his birth mother did not die of an overdose, as he’d always believed, is nowhere to be seen. Instead, the other unexpected bombshells that Season 5 has lit fuses on are coming to ahead.

Kevin’s quest to win an Oscar while his mother can still remember it may upend the accidental domestic bliss he stumbled into with Madison. And Kate’s revelation that she was pregnant with Marc’s child, and the major hints that she will choose to have an abortion, blow up many of the assumptions fans have held about her since the show first debuted. Moreover, Marc is going to be back this season, so fans need to brace themselves.

Check out the full promo:

Because Season 5, Episode 5 will not air until after the new year, NBC has not released an episode title or a synopsis. Luckily, executive producer Kevin Olin spoke to Entertainment Weekly about what fans can expect when the series returns next year. Olin wouldn’t say much about Marc’s return to Teenage Kate’s life or the inevitable gnashing of teeth his return will produce. But he did say Kate opening up this old wound would be more emotionally difficult than just telling Toby about a secret she’s never admitted to anyone.

As for Kevin, Olin confirms to Entertainment Weekly viewers are right to look askance at director Foster sending that "Atta Boy" basket.

Unfortunately, how things unspool will have to wait a bit, as This Is Us goes on hiatus for the holidays. Season 5 returns after the new year, on Jan. 5, 2021.

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