Victoria Beckham and June Sarpong team up on Instagram for powerful reason

Victoria Beckham has teamed up with June Sarpong, who is the BBC’s Director of Creative Diversity, for the Share the Mic campaign.

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On Thursday, famous presenter June took over Victoria’s Instagram page, and will engage in “a dialogue around unity, equality, inclusion“.


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Share the Mic is a campaign that sees black women takeover social media for the UK’s Black History Month in a bid to amplify their voices and experiences. 

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Victoria and June teamed up on Instagram 

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The likes of June, Bernardine Evaristo and Kenya Hunt have so far taken over the Instagram accounts of white woman in the spotlight, including the likes of Victoria, Alexa Chung and Gwenyth Paltrow. 

Victoria announced last week that she would be taking part in the campaign, writing: “Excited to announce that I will be taking part in #ShareTheMicUK on 1st October! Honoured to be a part of this brilliant campaign. I intend to share the mic for UK’s Black history month.”

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In her first post on the former Spice Girls’ Instagram, June added that she wants to help “dismantle perhaps one of the biggest stains on humanity, systemic racism“.

Her empowering message read: “@junesarpo here! Thanks so much to Victoria for having me and hello to you, her amazing global community. 

“I’m so excited to #sharethemic and spend the day engaging in a dialogue around unity, equality, inclusion and what we can all do to help dismantle perhaps one of the biggest stains on humanity, systemic racism

“That said, we will also have a lot of fun too!”

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