Victoria Beckham explains why she didn’t do the Spice Girls tour

Victoria Beckham explains why she didn’t do the Spice Girls tour

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When the Spice Girls reunion tour was announced, there was a great deal of back and forth as to whether Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham, would be joining the other four. Victoria kept telling everyone she wasn’t, but Mel B was telling everyone she was. Most of us went with Victoria’s statement over Mel’s because she sounded pretty insistent that she had no desire to tour at all. And when all was said and done, Victoria did, in fact, sit the tour out. But people still wanted to know why she refused to go back to her Spice ways. When speaking to Vogue Germany, Victoria basically said she went with her gut, and that she was so brave to do so.

Victoria Beckham has finally explained why she didn’t take part in the recent Spice Girls reunion that saw the girl group headline stadiums across the UK.

Posh Spice was the only member not to join up with the ‘90s band for the dates, which concluded last month with three nights at London’s Wembley Stadium.

“It took me a lot of courage not to go on tour with the Spice Girls again, but to be the one who says, ‘You know, I’m not doing it because things feel different now than they used to,’” she said. “I’d rather concentrate on my family and my company.”

She continued: “I’m 45 now and very happy to be the woman I am… I’m not trying to change, I want to be the best version of myself.

Before I turned 40, I wasn’t that confident. I learned to listen to my gut feeling.”

[From Vogue Germany via Socialite Life]

I’m a Posh apologist, of course, but truth be told, I was never into The Spice Girls. I like all the members and enjoy the two songs of theirs I know but emotionally, I have no horse in this race. So I wasn’t ever bothered with Victoria not joining the tour. I’m poking fun of her boasting about her courage in her decision, especially since she was just going to mouth the words behind a powerless mic and not dance. I do, however, get where she’s coming from. She knew fans would be disappointed and would lash out at her if she said no. She also turned down a big chuck of change and with all the hits her fashion line took, that was probably the hardest part. But I understand gut feelings and if hers was not to go on tour, I think she made the right choice. If she had gone and been miserable, that would have driven a wedge between her and the others. Plus, I’m not surprised she’d rather focus on her family and company. Her home life has been a bit tumultuous over the last year (or more). She and David celebrated their 20th anniversary over the weekend with some very loved up Instagram posts, maybe it was all PR bs or maybe focusing on her marriage worked. As for her company, I bet that’s her solace and my guess is that’s where she throws herself when things get hectic for her.

Of course, Victoria’s gut feeling meant little to Mel B who is still complaining about Victoria. Mel said she expected Victoria to be there, even if just in the audience supporting them. Victoria did send her support via social media, but I guess she didn’t attend any of the concerts. I don’t know why, maybe business kept her away, maybe it was personal. I do think Mel needs to let this go, though. We get it, Posh pissed you off. Never fear, though, Spice Girls fans – the gang is still okay, according to Mel, who said, “No [it’s not a rift]. We’re all adults, we all have to respectfully get on with whatever. But it is a bit disappointing, let’s put it that way.” Cool. So we can still look forward to the whole group back together for their animated film.

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