Warwick Davis has a lot of respect for Corrie’s Sally Lindsay taking over Tenable

Warwick Davis has a lot of respect for Corrie’s Sally Lindsay taking over Tenable

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Warwick Davis is known as the host of ITV quiz show Tenable, which is a show he once helped create. However, he’s been replaced on several occasions by actor Sally Lindsay when he’s been too busy for filming.

Each time, the star has been hugely missed by viewers, often finding himself trending on Twitter amid fan concern.

Speaking about her stepping into his shoes to Express.co.uk, Warwick admitted he had huge “respect” for her over this.

The Willow actor admitted he was especially impressed as he has a lot of his personality in the show.

This is because he was part of its development from the early stages.

He said: “There’s a lot of me in the show, I put my personality into the show.

“And it’s lovely to know that’s what people miss.

“But now that being said, I really do respect Sally for stepping in.

“Mine aren’t big shoes to fill but they’re challenging shoes to fill.”

Warwick also explained a bit more about why Sally presented the show.

He added: “Sally stepped in and helped out now because I’m working on another project I can’t talk about at the moment.

“Sally helped out and stepped in recording half the series.

“It’s great because people love Tenable, the very nature of it and it was lovely to know they miss me presenting the show.

“I think Sally did a terrific job, although her puns aren’t quite as bad as mine.”

The latest episodes of the show aired earlier this year between February and September.

The competition is all about five contestants attempting to give as many answers as possible out of 10 in a particular category.

Elsewhere, Warwick has given some insight into his new Disney+ series Willow.

For Disney+ day, the star shared a video from the set introducing his fellow cast members.

He’s joined in the series by Erin Kellyman, Tony Revelori and Ellie Bamber.

Speaking about it last year to RadioTimes.com, he said: “I think you’ve got to acknowledge the spirit, and, especially with something like Willow, the humour.

“Because you forget that the movie had a lot of humour in it so it’s important that the series has that humour and doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

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