Watch: Trevor Noah Lays Out Evidence That Donald Trump Wants to Deport Melania

Calling the First Lady ‘the country’s most popular Trump,’ the ‘Daily Show’ host expresses his concern that the president’s controversial immigration policies are aimed at his own wife, who was born in Slovenia.

AceShowbizTrevor Noah thinks Donald Trump is trying to deport his wife Melania. The South African comedian took to his show “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” on Wednesday, August 14 to bare all evidence that suggested the president’s controversial immigration policies are aimed at the former fashion model, who was born in Slovenia.

Calling the First Lady “the country’s most popular Trump,” the Comedy Central host declared that he loves Melania too because they have so much in common. “We’re both immigrants. Neither of us would be here if it weren’t for Donald Trump,” he explained, before quipping, “We’re both style icons. That’s right, Melania. This bish stole your look.”

Expressing his concern that Donald might want to deport Melania, he detailed a “pattern” that he noticed from Trump’s controversial immigration policies. Trevor pointed out that the president has been complaining about immigrants who came to the United States without proper visa and work in the country illegally. The comedian claimed his complaint could be aimed at his own wife Melania, who allegedly worked as a model without a proper visa.

Another evidence that was pointed out by Trevor was Donald’s complaint about foreigners who claim they’re special to get green cards. As the host said, there have been questions as to how Melania was granted a visa in the EB-1 green card program, the so-called Einstein visa, which is actually designed for academic researchers or people in other fields such as Olympic athletes and Oscar-winning actors. “It seems strange, but I guess if you spend enough time standing next to Donald, anyone looks like Einstein,” he quipped.

Trevor also brought up Donald’s biggest anti-immigration crusades, “chain migration”, and played a video of the president complaining about how immigrants could bring “entire families” over under that policy. Saying that it’s not true, Trevor warned his own family before coming to the country. “I want my family to know, that even though Donald Trump said it, that’s not true!” he stressed, before highlighting a report about Melania who sponsored her parents to become U.S. citizens.

He continued, “As if this wasn’t enough evidence that Donald Trump is trying to deport his wife, then how do you explain the new policy his administration announced this week?” Trevor was referring to a policy that would prevent immigrants on government assistance from staying in the country. “Well, guess who lives in a free house provided by the United States?” he said. “Melania Motherf***ing Trump!”

Vowing that he’s not going to “let this thing happen,” Trevor then asked his viewers to tweet the hashtag #DontDeportMelania, “because if this great immigrant is forced to leave this country, then the United States can never truly be best!” Within an hour after the program aired, the hashtag has become a trending topic on Twitter.

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