We have to get on with it! Bill Bailey weighs in on Brexit and division its caused

We have to get on with it! Bill Bailey weighs in on Brexit and division its caused

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Bill Bailey, 56, has made his stance on Brexit clear as he emphasised that the only option now is to “get on with it”. The Never Mind the Buzzcocks star, however, admitted that he believed the referendum had split the public opinion.

Asked whether Brits will be disappointed by Brexit, Bill explained: “I’m sure. I’m sure it’s not what people thought it was going to be.

“I feel for so much of Britain right now.

“I just feel that we’re riven by the division that it has caused.

“I think it’s lessening now,” he told The Times.

“I think everyone realises that we just have to get on with it.”

Bill, who’s upcoming tour, En Route to Normal, opens next month, has previously come under fire for entering the public discussion around Brexit.

In March, the comedian was criticised on Twitter for “not understanding” Brexit, which he branded a “thorny issue”.

After one performance, former Conservative Party councillor John Cotton tweeted that the comedian was “left, liberal [and] metropolitan”.

He also claimed that he did not fully understand why the UK voted Leave.

Mr Cotton, who used to represent South Oxfordshire, tweeted: “Plenty of good jokes tonight, though clearly hasn’t understood #Brexit.

“Happily, the #Oxford crowd were too polite to correct him.”

Bill responded: “No you’re right Councillor.”

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He continued: “I’m just a comic, how could I possibly understand Brexit.”

Bill added that he was “looking to the Government for excellent clarity” on leaving the EU, which he labelled a “thorny issue”.

Last year, Bill participated in and won Strictly Come Dancing with his professional dance partner Oti Mabuse.

In an interview with The Sun, Bill spoke about his life after the show.

He said: “Outwardly, my life goes on. It’s the same. I am still doing comedy.

“But there is something, I think, profoundly that has shifted a little bit as a result of it.

“That’s partly because it’s sort of going out of your comfort zone and doing well.

“But also the experience of it. It toughens you up a bit. I felt incredibly exposed because I was not in my comfort zone at all.”

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