Why Cardi B Tweeted That She Wished She Were Dead

Why Cardi B Tweeted That She Wished She Were Dead

It’s been a stressful week for Cardi B fans. A few days ago, the rapper tweeted, “I wish I was dead.”

She soon deleted the message and went on tweeting other things throughout the day.

Though she was quick to delete the tweet, the damage had already been done and fans were concerned.

“Cardi B I hope you’re feeling okay!” one fan tweeted. “I love you so so much @iamcardib never give up. You mean so much to us.”

People were so upset that they got #weloveyouCardiB to start trending.

“#WeLoveYouCardiB you’re an amazing person inside and out, you make me laugh, cry twerk, act ratchet as hell, and etc, Bardi Gang is here for you love bug, keep your head up cause God can only cancel us, PEROIDT we’re going to go higher and higher @iamcardib,” another person wrote.

So why did the rapper tweet such a cryptic message?

Why did Cardi post that tweet?

Cardi has had a very busy summer and according to sources, it all got to be too much for her.

“Cardi has been on the go and working nonstop between her performances, focusing on new music, traveling, and raising Kulture,” a source told HollywoodLife. “She really doesn’t give herself a break very often because she’s such a hard worker and so dedicated to building her empire, and she’s harder on herself than anyone else.”

“Cardi has struggled with feelings of being overwhelmed with fame and working so hard all the time and while she knows how to cope, she’s also human and has her off days, too,” the source continued.

But the rapper obviously regretted what she tweeted.

“As soon as Cardi tweeted what she did, she realized that it wasn’t something to take lightly and decided to delete it because she knew people would misinterpret what she said and that’s the last thing she wanted to do.”

Normally, Cardi uses social media as a place to get things off of her chest, but she is now realizing that people take the things that she tweets very seriously.

“Oftentimes Cardi loves to be real to her fans and tell it like it is, but she then forgets the power that she holds and what her words hold. Sometimes she does [things] without thinking [whereas] she should think and then do. This was a wake up call,” another source told the outlet.

Cardi is reportedly in a better place now.

“No one should be heavily concerned at all for her,” the source continued. “She is in a good place and her family life and career are just as great, which is a breath of fresh air [for those] who were scared that she was in a bad place.”

How did Offset feel about the tweet?

Cardi’s husband, Offset, was extremely upset when he heard about the tweet.

“He freaked out when she tweeted that and called her right away to check in,” another source told the outlet.

He has been in Europe touring, but the two are still in constant communication.

“FaceTime multiple times a day but it’s very hard on both of them,” the source said. “Cardi always gets really moody when they have to be apart, she hates it.”

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