Woodstock 50 Organizers Reportedly Have Not Contacted Artists About New Venue

Woodstock 50 Organizers Reportedly Have Not Contacted Artists About New Venue

Woodstock 50 organizers have reportedly not contacted any of the artists listed on the festival lineup to update them on a potential venue change.

According to Billboard, festival co-founder Michael Lang and partner Greg Peck have not reached out to any managers, agents and publicists for the bands tapped to play at the 50th anniversary.

The organizers lost their originally site at Watkins Glen in New York, but the event is currently still scheduled for August 14 – 16.

The festival organizers have reportedly applied for permission to hold the festival at the Vernon Downs racetrack in upstate New York.

Billboard said most of the artist contracts were made directly with Dentsu, the corporate financier of the festival who pulled out of the event on April 29.

The multinational Japanese conglomerate had agreed to provide $49 million in funding for the event but backed out of the contract due to “misrepresentations, incompetence, and contractual breaches”

Production company Superfly dropped out months ago, while CID Entertainment also backed out of producing the event earlier this month.

The planned lineup for the festival includes headliners such as Jay-Z, Chance the Rapper, Imagine Dragons, The Killers, Miley Cyrus and Santana, among others.

A change in venue allows the acts to legally back out of the event since the contract specifically states the event will take place at the venue.

“Each artist will have to make a decision about whether this is something they want to take on now that so much has changed,” one source told Billboard. “Often, the artist will feel compelled to play because they don’t want to disappoint their fans, but in the case of Woodstock 50, no one has bought tickets yet, so there’s not really anyone to disappoint.”

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