11 of Our Best Weekend Reads

We’ve reached the climax of summer. As we switch gears from shaking out beach towels to packing school lunches, we hope you find a moment to reflect on the shifting seasons and enjoy some of our best journalism.

1. The Amazon, Siberia, Indonesia: A World of Fire

The growing intensity of wildfires and their spread to new corners of the globe raise fears that climate change is exacerbating the dangers. Above, fires detected over the last year.

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2. How a Ring of Women Allegedly Recruited Girls for Jeffrey Epstein

It’s not just Ghislaine Maxwell, the former financier’s onetime partner. A circle of Mr. Epstein’s girlfriends, employees and other associates faces scrutiny in the sex-trafficking scandal.


3. King of Pop

Tyshawn Jones’s jaw-dropping athleticism has made him a skateboarding icon. But is skateboarding big enough for someone like Tyshawn Jones?


4. The $6 Million Drug Claim

New treatments for rare diseases are changing the lives of patients, but the price can reach millions of dollars for a single person.

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5. On California’s Lost Coast: Sea Lions, Surf and Squiggly Roads

Just 225 miles north of San Francisco, on a remote and rugged shoreline, crowds are sparse and cellphones are useless (and you won’t care).

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6. City on Edge: Photographs From Hong Kong’s Summer of Protest

The photographer Lam Yik Fei has spent the past 12 weeks on the sweltering summer streets of Hong Kong, dodging tear gas canisters and pepper spray to document each step of the movement for The Times.


7. Why Aren’t More Women Working? They’re Caring for Parents

The needs of older relatives remove women from the labor force in the United States far more than in other wealthy nations, at a cost to the economy.


8. Now Therapists Have to Figure Out Astrology, Tarot and Psychedelics

Patients are confronting psychotherapists with a fresh pile of really useful challenges.

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9. Abuela, Chef, Boss: Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s Grandmother Feeds the Majors

For about two decades, Altagracia Alvino has lived with and cooked for her baseball-playing offspring — as well as their teammates and opponents.

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10. With ‘Talking to Strangers,’ Malcolm Gladwell Goes Dark

Read by millions — but savaged by critics — the author has a new book on police violence, campus rape and other bleak terrain.

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11. Your Tales of La Guardia Hell

Construction at the airport in Queens hit its most disruptive phase this summer. Passengers faced long waits for shuttles and gridlock traffic. Here’s what it looked like.

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