13 Disney Plot Holes, Explained

1.“Why didn’t Ariel just WRITE an explanation to Prince Eric when she couldn’t speak?”

We don’t know exactly where or when Cinderella takes place, but assuming it’s in a European village in the early 18th century, chances are there weren’t that many people under the prince’s rule. Then, when you narrow it down to unmarried women of Cinderella’s specific age, that leaves you with a smaller pool of potential shoe-wearers.

But also, consider this: The slipper is made out of glass. Glass is very hard! Imagine wearing a high heel that has zero flexibility…it’d have to fit absolutely PERFECTLY. The better question is why it fell off when it was magically made to fit?

13.“Why does Elsa magically create a dazzling gown? She’s already royalty. Really, after all that stress, she realistically would’ve taken off her bra and created herself some nice pajamas, or at least sweatpants and a hoodie.”

I have no rebuttal to this. It’s an airtight argument.

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