14 People Whose "Fake It Til You Make It" Plans Backfired

14 People Whose "Fake It Til You Make It" Plans Backfired

On Tuesday, a Reddit thread asked people “When did ‘fake it until you make it’ backfire?” Here’s what people said:

1.This “fashion correspondent”:

My magazine couldn’t afford a fashion correspondent, so I did it myself under an assumed female name (I’m male) and didn’t tell anyone. Surprisingly, it was quite well received. Ran for three months or so before I got invited to a clothing launch.” — MisterShine

2.This “translator”:

“I hired a mandarin translator for a game I’m developing. Ran her translations through Google Translate, to find they were a good match. TOO good a match. Showed it to a friend of mine, who’s from China, told me the translator just Google translated everything and that the end result was barely comprehensible.” — YourDailyDevil

3.This “insurance agent”:

“Got a job working in an insurance company reviewing contracts. Had no fucking idea what I was doing and thought I could just learn it and I’d be fine eventually. Lasted six months and they kicked me out.” — heckhammer

4.This dishonest deliverer:

I thought I was going to be working in the mail room for the city but when I arrived it turned out it was for delivering mail between city offices. Well, in my province we have G1 (Learners), G2 (Still have some restrictions about when/who you can drive with) and G (Full License).

Well, I needed my full G for the job, but hadn’t gotten around to doing the test.

Thinking quick, I tell them I don’t have my license on me. Well, they need it and they were willing to find a city employee to drive me back out to my house (~30 mins away) and get it. Backed into a corner I finally have to admit that I don’t have my G license. I blurted it out and basically ran out of the office and didn’t look back.” — McWhiskey

5.This dancer:

“I was 8 years old and I told my dance teacher I could do a backbend (I couldn’t) so she moved me up a level in acro and put me in a special role for our recital. For the next week my mom tried to help me get a backbend but it wasn’t happening and I had to come clean.” — ihatevegetables

6.And this super dishonest driver:

“We hired a young woman once — ‘Stacy’ — and part of her duties would be driving. One day we asked her to pick up a rental vehicle. She turned up with the vehicle, all good. Later on, someone looked at the paperwork for the truck rental and was like, “Who the fuck is Karen?” Turns out that Stacy paid her roommate Karen to pick up the vehicle. It also turned out that Stacy had stopped at an ATM on the way back from picking up the vehicle to withdraw $40 for herself from the company credit card. We immediately dismissed her.” — o–Cpt_Nemo–o

7.This chronic movie liar:

“When someone asks if I’ve seen a movie and I lie and say yes to fit in. When they ask for my favorite part or my opinion on a pat, I’m exposed” — StationaryApe

8.This “bartender”

“I told the bar I knew how to bartend. I can pour a whiskey coke and beer, so just figured I’d pick up the rest as I went along. First week I was serving to get to know the menu and someone called in sick. Owner makes me bartend. So I’m doing fine, just beers and a few mixed drinks. Then a party of about 40 people coming from a wedding come in and starts asking for all these different shots, different specialty drinks, etc. Totally shit my pants. — anon_2326411

9.This romance faker:

“Dating a close friend that I wasn’t even remotely attracted to. I thought the feelings that I was supposed to have would kick in, but they didn’t.” — shinkouhyou

10.This fake violinist:

“I took orchestra in elementary school and I eventually realized that I was just not going to understand violin. But I still wanted to be in orchestra because it had some perks. So, whenever we had lesson I put my fingers over the strings and moved my bow around like I meant it. When we had to play individually, I had to do it for real. I thought maybe, by some miracle, I’d get it and play normally. I didn’t.” — wheatable

11.This bad signer:

“I saw a job advertising for sign language at some funeral. I knew a bit and figured it would be pretty simple, looked up some related vocab just in case. Plus, I figured no one would really be paying attention to the sign language guy, and it’s mostly just for show. Well anyway, it turns out sign language is a lot harder than I’d realized.” — spacecatbiscuits

12.This football player:

“I tried football in grade school. Didn’t put in the time to memorize plays and stuck to defense. My last year, one of the coaches thought about putting me in offense, and I had to come clean. Stopped playing after that year.” — Craftsman42

13.And lastly, this former cameraman:

“My first internship in the soccer industry, I had trained on a camera but not used one in years. He asks me to line up the shot and I can’t see a THING through the camera, but I panic and say it looks good. “Well that’s impressive, given I haven’t opened the lense. It was clearly a test, and I was gone before the day was out.” — KHeneage

In conclusion:

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