14 WTF Disney Movie Moments That Will 100% Ruin Your Childhood

14 WTF Disney Movie Moments That Will 100% Ruin Your Childhood

1.When Woody had a nightmare of becoming an unused toy Andy didn’t want to play with anymore.

2.When Remy and his dad saw dead rats hanging in a store window in Ratatouille.

3.When the Headless Horseman started chasing Ichabod and his horse.

4.When Coral sadly died in the beginning of Finding Nemo.

5.And when Snow White got lost in the forest and all of the branches attacked her.

6.When Kronk “pitched a tent” in The Emperor’s New Groove.

7.When we saw Gaston’s scary skull eyes in his death scene.

8.When Madam Mim turned into a pig in The Sword in the Stone.

9.When the Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come showed Scrooge his grave.

10.And when Lampwick turned into a donkey in Pinocchio.

11.When we saw Clayton’s dead body hanging from vines in Tarzan.

12.When the Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs drank the potion and transformed into an ugly old witch.

13.When Woody and Buzz get trapped in Sid’s room full of mis-matched toys.

14.And when Scar let go of Mufafa’s paws and let him die in the stampede.

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