15 Cat Posts From This Week That Are Alarmingly Cute

1.This boi was armed and dangerous:

2.Skittles here did a big ol’ SCREAM:

3.This sweet girl said her goodbyes before moving away:

4.This one was entertained for hours on end!!!

5.This cat faced off in an epic battle with a piece of fuzz!!!

6.Quite frankly, this one was a BIG mood:

7.This friendly feline led us to a WONDERFUL surprise!!

8.This purrito was snug as a bug in a rug:

9.These babies sparked so much joy!!

10.This one saw into the future, probably:

11.These kittens defied the law of gravity:

12.These two became the bestest of friends!!

13.Maru purrsisted!!!

14.This floof got some good exercise:

15.And finally, this smol bean gave us all a good fright!!!

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