18 People Share The Things That Made Them Cool In School That Would Make Them Uncool As Adults

We all know that what you think makes you “cool” evolves as you get older.

Well, Reddit user Jelz asked people to share the thing that made them cool in school that would make them uncool in adulthood, and their responses are all parts embarrassing and true:

1.“Bragging about sex. Did it in high school, and my friends thought I was cool. Did it as an adult, and my dad threw the family cat at me.”

“Everyone thought it was gross.”


2.“Me and my friends showing up to school or events dressed alike.”


“I remember in 7th grade a group of us wore full NBA uniforms. We were all 100-pound skinny white kids wearing Alonzo Mourning’s uniform.”


3.“I used to impress people by smoking cigarettes up my nose. I do not see that going over well at all now.”


4.“Taking shits on the floor to make people laugh.”


5.“I’m a tiny white girl from a rural village, and in high school I knew all the lyrics to late ’90s and early 2000s club banger rap songs. I was known for this throughout school, and people would come close to me at dances to watch me flawlessly lip sync these songs complete with the hand movements and some of the choreography from the videos.”

“It’s embarrassing to even think about now, and I’ve been hiding from memories of my high school self ever since. Though, I do occasionally get asked to do it at former classmates’ weddings.”


6.“Being an overall dick or rude to other people made people think you were cool. Now, you’re just an ass.”


7.“Selling pages of pornography out of a suitcase that I named ‘Bob.'”


8.“Breaking my arm and getting a glow-in-the-dark cast to match my glow-in-the-dark shoes. I think it was the most my peers have ever liked me in my life.”


9.“Knowing someone that would buy alcohol for underage kids.”


10.“Playing with Beyblades and carrying around the giant arena for them at all times because I never knew when a spin battle might ensue.”


11.“During school lunch when a kid got in trouble and I started the Jerry Springer chant, getting the whole class to chant, ‘Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!'”


16.“Peeing my pants.”


17.“I was voted ‘Most Likely to Break the Dress Code’ at my Jesuit high school. It was a pretty cool honor to have as a senior superlative, but as an adult it would probably get me fired.”


18.“Getting drunk in the morning.”


“Sunday brunch in Vegas? Sweet, count me in. Monday morning on the train to work? Oof.” —calculatedleaf

Some responses have been edited in length and clarity.

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