18 Random Acts Of Kindness That Will Remind You People Are In Fact Good

1.This woman who surprised a teacher with a care package of school supplies.

2.This man who stopped to help a stranger change their flat tire.

3.This woman who tipped a mourning server $200.

4.This guy who inflated a stranger’s flat wheelchair tires.

5.This woman who paid for a stranger’s breakfast.

6.This guy at the gym who offered a stranger a pair of shoes to replace his damaged ones.

7.This substitute teacher who left a principal a note about the great job he’s doing.

8.This jogger who gave the shoes he was wearing to a homeless man.

9.This student who left a really sweet note for their teacher.

10.This person who randomly sent their friend money to buy coffee.

11.This mom who left an uplifting note on her daughter’s steering wheel.

12.This dude who gave up his window seat to a guy who had never been on a plane.

13.This woman who gave the guy working at her house some food when she noticed he hadn’t eaten all day.

14.This random person at the vet who paid for the procedure for someone else’s dog.

15.This random person who put kind words on all the doors of their apartment building.

16.This man who paid for a stranger’s groceries.

17.This random person who sent a woman a teddy bear to keep.

18.And these people who surprised their coworker with the heartwarming gift of song.

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