19 Moments That Are A Rite Of Passage For Girls Over 5'9"

19 Moments That Are A Rite Of Passage For Girls Over 5'9"

1.When you were younger, the first thing people would ask you is if you played basketball.

And they’d have a look of disappointment when you told them no.

2.When you shower at your friend’s house and have to bend over to wash your hair.

Damn those low shower heads!

3.And also having to bend over the sink when you wash your face so you don’t get water everywhere.

4.You can never find cute shoes that fit.

I can’t help that I have clown feet, okay?!

5.You always hit your head on things.

Even getting into a car is a carefully thought out process.

6.“Leg room” sounds like a far away dream.

7.And forget about trying to drive a car smaller than a Sedan.

Unless you like your knees by your ears.

8.You make eye contact with strangers over the top of toilet cubicle doors.

I didn’t mean to make this uncomfortable, but here we are Janet.

9.When you go on nature walks, you get all the spider webs in your face.

Apparently other tall people don’t like nature.

10.You’re always wary of low ceilings.

ESPECIALLY when low hanging chandeliers are around. Why are these a thing?!

11.Skateboarding, ice skating, paddle boarding, surfing, and skiing are EXTRA terrifying for you because the ground is so far away.

Falling hurts tall people more than short people, don’t @ me.

12.You can’t wear jumpsuits or playsuits because they make your crotch look unflattering AF.

13.You’re always at the back for group photos.

You can forget about showing off your cute outfit – the only thing making an appearance in these pics will be your floating head.

14.You immediately turn into André the Giant whenever you decide to wear heels.

But you wear them anyway because heels are SO CUTE.

15.You never have a problem in crowded places because you can see and breathe over everyone’s heads.


17.Long sleeves barely reach your wrists. “Maxi” dresses are never really “maxi”.

You always look like you’re wearing two sizes too small.

18.But you never have to hem gowns and ~fancy~ dresses.

They always fall just right.

19.And finally, you never need help reaching for things on the top shelf at a store.

Which is great, especially if you have social anxiety and don’t want to talk to anyone.

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