36 Of The Absolute Gayest And Best Pictures Of LGBT People As Kids

36 Of The Absolute Gayest And Best Pictures Of LGBT People As Kids

For literally years now we’ve been asking the BuzzFeed community to send us pictures of their younger gay selves. Because Pride month is coming to a close, I’d thought I’d combine some of the absolute pictures from over the years into one single post. Enjoy.

1.“Skinny arm. For. Days.” —ginjah_ninjah

2.“My camp counselor took this pic of me dancing to “Oops… I Did It Again” when I was eight. I was OBSESSED with Britney Spears at the time and I still love the song to this day. I came out when I was 18 and it’s nice to know that I was just as fabulous at eight as I am now.” —jordanj13

3.“1995 was my peak.” —Chanderhan

4.“I was very excited to sit on Smurfette’s lap…” —jamiev424c94b8b

5.“I’m at a Revolutionary War fort hanging off the arm of a shirtless man mannequin giving serious face. Iconic.” —Matt Stopera, BuzzFeed

6.“Even at three years old I knew I had a bright future ahead of me as a Tina Turner impersonator.” —whatamidoinghere

7.“Age 12, dressed as Christina Aguilera for a remake of the Moulin Rouge soundtrack ‘Lady Marmalade’ music video, filmed by my sister.” —Ross Oviatt, Facebook

8.“Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it.” —Andres Zapata, Facebook

9.I can’t believe I didn’t know sooner. —Katherine

10.“I wanted that Barbie camper so bad! My dad spent two hours putting all the stickers on.” —coryg4124532c6

11.“My mini lezzie self was all business in the front and party in the back! And no butch would be complete without a workout panda shirt!” —amandab225

12.My mom always says she knew I was gay as soon as I popped out of the womb. —Heather

13.My identical twin brother and I decided to be Batman and Robin for Halloween. Guess I thought Robin needed to stand out a little more! —calvinmckee

14.Even at age three I couldn’t sit in a chair like a normal person. —Alice

15.“Looking really Cuban with the outfit and really gay with the background, very accurate!” —davidfernandof

16.“Safety orange, mullet bangs…clamming. This photo always makes me chuckle, look at that little lezzie.” —nikkir4254850db

17.I didn’t know I was gay yet but my mom’s shirt sure did. —Jay Jay

18.Serving face, stunting pretty. I’m the bitch from the “happiest place in the world.” —cagedbird

19.“When I was five, my twin sister and I were her Hercules and Meg for Halloween. I did not like my Hercules costume so I made us switch and I’m clearly much more content as Meg.” —mattr46cce2338

20.“Walking and already fabulous.” —Chris

21.“Came across this picture a couple years ago and couldn’t quite believe it. I’ll let it speak for itself. #babybutch” —maddief4413102cd

22.Dancing > football. —eds22

23.“I don’t know quite remember why I did this, but I mean…I wasn’t mad. I mean, check out that smile.” —marshallamplify

24.“I brokebacked before Brokeback.” —ivancommajoseph

25.“Me around four or five, dancing to Whitney Houston’s ‘Queen of the Night.’ I still love that song.” —smeredith89

26.“My older brother and I back in ‘97. Gay then, gay now.” —geoffreyg4

27.“When I was a little boy, I was allowed to play with dolls. After I came out to my family I asked my mom why she let me and she simply said, ‘You wanted them so bad and I wanted to make you happy.’ Clearly from my face you can tell I was happy.” —jonathanm416a87015

28.“My Halloween costume when I was in the fifth grade! I wanted to be a girl that year so bad. I was 10…. and somehow my family didn’t catch on! Lol.” —e4fd78b80d

29.“What can I say? I have a flair for the dramatics.” —ANDY

30.“Very embarrassed I wasn’t wearing Andrew Christian briefs.” —Jon-Michael Poff

31.“Serving Grey Gardens Little Eddie realness! Light blue slip, red cape, and a black du-rag. I believe this is the best costume for the day. As I recall, I was putting on a show in the chicken coop…. because that’s normal.” —whitneydubsr

32.“I look so fucking stoked. Transguy who still now wears a leather jacket and killer glasses.” —ollieow

33.“I would vacuum the carpet while wearing this. And I called myself Jeanette. #DragQueenAspirations.” —adamlewis

34.“Here’s my baby lesbian picture circa 1999. I was really hoping my parents would use this as a headshot, I still don’t know why they didn’t…” —strobertson9

35.“1992: I used to build shelves with my dad, but only while wearing my Mickey construction shirt and with stamps on my arms to represent tattoos. Grew up to be very gay.” —Britt

36.“I’m the sassy lion in the front.” —akenigsberg

And as always, H/T to “Born This Way” blog.

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