A Closer Look at FUTURA's Largest Public Installation "FUTURALAND"

FUTURA has unveiled a closer look at his largest public installation to date, “FUTURALAND,” organized and curated alongside Futura Laboratories and AllRightsReserved.

The space-themed visual journey is set to run for two weeks this June in the LANDMARK ATRIUM, Hong Kong, and features a large-scale six-meter tall rocket ship that’s surrounded by seven FL-006 extraterrestrial sculptures standing at 1.8 meters. FUTURA aims to use “FUTURALAND” as an introduction to who he his and his body of work, adding, ”I would like to get people to obviously become familiar with my character universe, and the idea behind my characters and the perception in a playful way. They are coming from somewhere and they arrived here. Of course, this project with this spaceship, the alien figures help tell that kind of playful story, kind of my own fantasy as far as the characters.”

In addition to FUTURA and AllRightsReserved’s transparent FL-006 figure, DDT Store and Futura Laboratories teamed up to release a range of limited edition “FUTURALAND” collectibles: 150 pieces of the X-6000 Sculpture Box Set that includes a scaled down aluminum version of the “FUTURALAND” rocket ship and a FL-006 figure and 25 editions each of the MOBILE35 and MOBILE50 pieces. A special capsule collection with collaborations with Off-White™, Billionaire Boys Club and SILLYTHING will also be exclusively available at the ”FUTURALAND” x Futura Laboratories pop-up store.

The “FUTURALAND” installation at BELOWGROUND is open to the public from June 3 to June 16.

Shops B49-52, B55-56, B59-61,
15 Queen’s Road, Central,
Hong Kong

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