A Look Back at WWDC 2022

A Look Back at WWDC 2022

WWDC 2022 marked Apple’s first in-person keynote since before the pandemic. As one of the many media outlets invited to the big event, HYPEBEAST was able to witness first-hand the latest M2 MacBook Air, along with a host of new upgrades to iOS, WatchOS, MacOS and more.

For those of you who have not been, Apple Park is pretty much everything you’d imagine it to be. Clean, bright, awe-inspiring and quite frankly, from another world. Designed by Foster + Partners, the new headquarters took four years to build and cost Apple over $5b USD.

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The Ring, as it’s known, consists of four stories of office spaces that are meant to accommodate up to 12,000 employees. There are a number of outdoor facilities — from a gym, underground parking lot and wellness centers that are equally awe-inspiring.

Although media was only allowed to enter select areas for the day, the courtyard and cafeteria were enough to remind you that you were at the home of the number one company in the world. Before the event, visitors and employees entered Apple’s 58,000-square-foot dining quarters known as Caffe Macs. There, the largest sliding doors in the world opened up to a tranquil courtyard where Apple president Tim Cook and SVP Craig Federighi kicked off WWDC to a crowd of thousands of developers global media outlets.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It’s undeniable that there is constantly a feeling of inspiration that floats throughout the space.

Craig, as he always is during these presentations, was the highlight of the show — showcasing both the progression of Apple’s software, along with playing into the crowd’s amusement through costume changes and hair waves.

When the keynote ended, select media were invited across the picturesque campus that is filled with wildflowers and over 9,000 indigenous trees — an agricultural choice that was inspired by Steve Jobs’ love of the Stanford University campus. As we made our way to a spherical building, known as the Steve Jobs Theatre (SJT), Cook returned to greet audiences as they got their hands on the new MacBook Air.

Even though the day was filled with energy, Apple Park maintained a meditative flow throughout — where you could hear everything from BADBADNOTGOOD‘s Talk Memory to Promises by Floating Points and Pharaoh Sanders. It’s unfair to give a true assessment of Apple Park from just a limited media visit. But it’s undeniable that there is constantly a feeling of inspiration that floats throughout the space. It makes sense considering Apple’s storied legacy and dominance in the market.

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