A Look into Japan-Based Saudi Label, Unas Tokyo

A Look into Japan-Based Saudi Label, Unas Tokyo

Founded in 2018 by three Tokyo-based Saudis, Unas is the new streetwear label that brings together the creatives’ multicultural visions and experiences in art, music and culture. Embracing heritage, the brand tells stories of community through its designs and campaign visuals.

The founders tell their stories through designs and visuals of the label from those seen on pieces to lookbooks. Unas Tokyo do not follow trends of seasons but rather release collections based off of experience, stories and community building.

Its debut collection, “Suns’ Sons” dropped in 2019, in collaboration with Saudi Arabian artist Dhay Alrashed and looked to tap into homegrown talent in the region who share a similar vision. Whilst last year’s “Middle Class Kids New” expressed the social class the founders grew up around boasting playful and retro-inspired graphics.

Unas Tokyo is set to release a resort collection to be exhibited at White Milano this coming September. Keep a look out on their website for more information to come.

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