Atlanta Judge Rules Young Thug’s Lyrics Can Be Used as Evidence in RICO Case

Atlanta Judge Rules Young Thug’s Lyrics Can Be Used as Evidence in RICO Case

An Atlanta judge has ruled that lyrics to Young Thug’s songs can be submitted as evidence against him in the upcoming trial for his RICO case. The rapper is facing charges that allege his label, Young Stoner Life, is actually a street gang.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Ural Glanville said that lyrics will be submitted on a conditional basis, despite a motion filed by Thug’s defense attorney and the argument that using lyrics as evidence violates the First Amendment.

The prosecution is planning to cite lyrics from 17 different songs performed by Thug and his co-defendants. Prosecutors will be able to submit other lyric excerpts for consideration as evidence leading up to the trial’s start.

I’m conditionally admitting those pending lyrics, depending upon – or subject to a foundation that is properly laid by the state or the proponent that seeks to admit that evidence,” Glanville said.
“I would just ask the state or just remind the state if any other lyrics are sought to be admitted that we I’d have to go through this same analysis,” Glanville said.

Thug’s trial will begin on November 27 and the case will be heard by a jury of Georgia citizens.

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