Brooklyn Nine Nine's Chelsea Peretti blasts Joey Diaz's oral sex comments

Brooklyn Nine Nine star Chelsea Peretti has blasted comedian Joey Diaz for saying he would only let female comics perform onstage in exchange for oral sex.

In a resurfaced clip from 2011, Joey claimed he had ’20 women’ engage in oral sex with him in order to get stage time.

The 57-year-old said during UFC commentator Joe Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience: ‘You think I’m f***ing kidding you?

‘F*** yeah, you gotta suck my d*** to get up in The Belly Room. I’m making a call for you. That’s the f***ing gateway for coming into Hollywood, everybody knows that.’

Joey went on: ‘I had this little blonde open mic chick … and just take me up to The Belly Room and suck my d*** and then go do her set, she was tremendous.

‘She finally freaked out. When she got to Hollywood bro, she was beautiful. But when she left, she had dirty f***ing, her nails were dirty. And then she wrote me a letter to The Comedy Store. “You c***sucker you broke me.”‘

Katherine Ryan also blasted Joey Diaz, retweeting the clip of his comments and commenting sarcastically: ‘A lot of young women ask me how to get into comedy.’

Fellow comedian Emily Heller added: ‘How the f*** are more people not talking about this?

‘Guys at comedy clubs kept trying to tell me Joey Diaz was an overlooked genius.

‘I’m so tired of being asked to consider someone a genius when it’s clear they don’t even consider me a person.’

Joey has responded to the backlash to the video by tweeting: ‘If that video hurt your feelings watch this c***sniffers.’

He then shared a link to a video of him talking about how he ‘slept with a one-legged women’.

Joe Rogan appeared to support Joey by retweeting the post.

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