Did Joey Wong cry while watching Somewhere Winter, a film based on the song Chyi Chin wrote for her?

They were one of the most famous celebrity couples in Taiwan and had an on-off relationship spanning 16 years. Singer Chyi Chin was even said to have penned his hit song Somewhere Winter (1987), in just 15 minutes, specially for then girlfriend Joey Wong.

With the song later turned into a novel and now a movie, many netizens took note when China Times reported on Tuesday (Nov 19) that Wong, now 52, was seen crying when watching the movie in Canada’s Richmond city.

The unnamed fan told the Taiwanese newspaper that she saw a woman laughing while watching the movie and weeping at the end of the movie.

The fan later saw that the woman was Wong and was so excited that she felt like telling Chyi, “Do you know that Joey Wong wept while watching your film?”

Wong has not commented on the supposed sighting but on Thursday, she posted a recent photo of herself and said she had just completed a 20-day trip in the United States.

The actress best known for playing female ghost Nie Xiaoqian in Hong Kong movie A Chinese Ghost Story (1987) retired from acting in 2005 and migrated to Canada. She is believed to be single.

Meanwhile, Chyi, now 59, married Chinese singer Sun Liya, who is 24 years his junior, in 2010. The couple have an eight-year-old daughter and a five-year-old son. Chyi also has a 32-year-old son from his previous relationship with Taiwanese singer Fang Mei-fang.

Somewhere Winter opened in cinemas in China and North America on Nov 15 and led the Chinese box office for a seventh consecutive day on Thursday. It topped the daily box office chart by grossing 11.6 million yuan (S$2.3 million) on Thursday, according to the China Movie Data Information Network.

It stars Ma Sichun, Wallace Huo and Patty Hou and is an adaptation of a 2018 novel of the same name by Chinese author Rao Xueman. The film, directed by Wang Wei-ming, tells the story of two star-crossed lovers over 30 years.

Chyi said in a foreword to the book that he once discussed with Rao about turning his song into a novel, and was surprised to learn later that Rao completed the book in a month.

Chyi also made a guest appearance as himself in the movie and performed the theme song Too Bad with singer Karen Mok.

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