Everything Dropping at Palace This Week

Following the release of its Mercedes-AMG collaboration, Palace has now prepped another diverse drop from its Summer 2021 collection.

Leading the sixth release is Labyrinth Hoodie and matching Pal Hat, Outliner Mit Designer Crewneck and Healthily Stripe T-Shirt. Other standouts found in the selection include PS Vest and matching Shorts which will come in the three colorway. While the Binding Shell Bucket Hat and Palace Sliders slip-on slides serve to round up the latest selection releasing.

Palace’s Summer 2021 Week 6 Drop is set for both in-store and online releases starting June 11, 11 a.m. EDT on the brand’s official webstore, and in Japan on June 12, 11 a.m. JST on the Palace Japan webstore, and on the official “Palace_Skateboards” WeChat store June 12, 11 a.m. CST.

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