Herman Miller Height-Adjustable Passport Work Table Allows You to Work Anywhere

Herman Miller Height-Adjustable Passport Work Table Allows You to Work Anywhere

Tapping into the necessity for variety and comfort in workplaces, Herman Miller has developed its “Passport Work Table.” Offering immense flexibility, the new work essential provides mobility, agility, and range for a broad spectrum of multi-use capabilities.

Creating instant workspaces in the age of hybrid working, shared office spaces, and home office situations, Herman Miller created the Passport Work Table as an all-around solution. The adaptable work surface solution offers a compact design, in two sizes, with a single-column base for sturdy height adjustment. The lightweight construction can also be outfitted with optional bag hooks or privacy screens for extra functionality without increasing its footprint.

“The future of work is a trending topic in our current climate,” says Ben Watson, President, Herman Miller. “But for Herman Miller, the convergence of work, life and play has always been central to how we design our products. Passport is the next addition to our portfolio that seeks to bring forth solutions that are agile, efficient and fit for a variety of environments.”

Encouraging movement and limitless potential to accomplish work in any situation, the Herman Miller Passport Work Table comes in a height adjustment range of 12” with a 22 x 16” worksurface and a height adjustment range of 18” with a 27 x 20” worksurface, along with a variety of finishes and colors. Pricing begins at $495 USD with customization through accessories for the Passport Work Table available through Herman Miller, retailer Design Within Reach, and MillerKnoll dealers for contract customers.

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