If You Can Check Off 40/51 Of These Things, You're Probably A VSCO Girl

  1. Check off everything that makes you say, “yep that’s me!”

    GettyDo you know what VSCO is?Do you have the VSCO app on your phone?Have you ever edited a photo using VSCO?Have you ever uploaded a photo to VSCO?Have you ever uploaded a picture of a sunset to Instagram?Have you ever uploaded the same sunset pic to VSCO?Do you actually have followers on VSCO?Do you actively shop at Brandy Melville?Have you ever shopped at Brandy Melville?Do you own more than five items from Brandy Melville?Do you own a pair of Crocs?Do you own a pair of Vans?Do you own a pair of Birkenstocks?Have you ever worn a puka shell necklace?Have you ever made your own puka shell necklace?Do you own a Hydroflask?Does your Hydroflask have a sticker on it?Does your Hydroflask have more than one sticker on it?Does your Hydroflask have more than five stickers on it?Do you own a metal straw?Do you own multiple metal straws?Have you ever said, “save the turtles!”Have you ever said, “and I oop!”Have you ever said, “sksksksksk”?Do you own a scrunchie?Do you own more than five scrunchies?Do you own more than 10 scrunchies?Do you wear a scrunchie around your wrist?Do you wear multiple scrunchies around your wrist?Do you wear oversized T-shirts?Have you ever made friendship bracelets?Have you used your Hydroflask to make friendship bracelets?Do you wear your friendship bracelets?Do you LOVE Mario Badesco products?Specifically, do you LOVE Mario Badesco facial spray?Do you own a Polaroid camera?Do you tape all of your Polaroid pics to your bedroom wall?Does your bedroom have fairy lights in it?Have you ever made a Tik Tok?Do you own a Fjällräven backpack?Have you ever worn Victoria’s Secret perfume?Do you wear lip gloss?Do you use Burt’s Bees lip balm?Have you turned any room in your home into a “VSCO Hangout”?Do you drive a Jeep?Do you wish you drove a Jeep?Can you play the ukulele?Do you own a ukulele even though you can’t play it?Do you live by the beach?Do you wish you lived by the beach?Do you feel like you have a very particular ~aesthetic~?

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