James Harden Wants To Stay With Brooklyn Nets for the Rest of His NBA Career

James Harden Wants To Stay With Brooklyn Nets for the Rest of His NBA Career

When James Harden first made headlines regarding his trade to the Brooklyn Nets from the Houston Rockets, the move sparked a lot of chatter within the league. Together with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, the three are expected to be the trio to watch in the upcoming season.

It appears that Harden has found his groove with the team and is working towards a goal of winning a championship with the team. With KD already having signed a contract extension, questions are posted to Harden of whether or not he too is ready to commit. In the recent Nets Media Day, Harden finally opens up about his contract extension stating:

“Honestly, I’m just going to take my time. I’m focused on trying to bring a championship to the city. But as far as an extension, I’m just being patient with it. I went through a lot last year and I want to make sure I’m in the right mindset and knowing long-term that ultimately I want to be in Brooklyn for the rest of my career. So it’s no rush.

He further added “It’s not about the money to me. I’m been on enough teams where we fell short, so my mindset and my goal is to make sure that we’re able to build this team to be able to compete and contend for multiple, multiple years at the highest level so it’s not about the money. If you win a championship in New York, the money will come.”

Arguably one of the major teams to watch this season, the organization has a lot to make up for from the previous year due to injury issues. The Nets face the Milwaukee Bucks on October 20 for their season opener.

In other James Harden news, the guard has called the Milwaukee Bucks, not the Nets, the team to beat in the East.
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