KAWS and Pake Connect for a Multipurpose Zip Bag Capsule

Following the announcement of a line of merchandise and raffles for KAWS TOKYO FIRST, KAWS connects with Japanese zipbag company Pake for an exclusive collaboration.

Pake bags are used to store everything from strawberries and herbs to electronics and photos. The bags offer 80 percent UV protection to prevent discoloration of internal contents and are water, dust, and scent proof. The four bags come in clear, pink, green, and blue, range in size from 12.5cm x 14.5cm to 28cm x 36cm, and feature the KAWS SEPARATED, SPACE, TOGETHER, and RESTING PLACE figures.

The items will be released on July 16th during the KAWS TOKYO FIRST exhibition at the Mori Arts Center Goods Shop, Quiet Gallery, and the Pake online store.

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