Kito Wares Introduces "Mother Mary" Sneaker for the Fall

Kito Wares Introduces "Mother Mary" Sneaker for the Fall

Streetwear brand Kito Wares returns with another polarizing drop. Following the release of its viral Passion of Christ low-tops in December, the Indiana-based brand has unveiled a third exclusive set of sneakers in a similar pious theme. Coming in a classic silhouette, the “Mother Mary” shoe uses religious iconography to drive the conversation around the idolization of brands that Kito Wares designer David Norris first started with the original iteration of the “Passion of Christ” sneakers.

Featuring splashes of “Sanctity Blue” and a white tumbled leather upper, the sneaker’s calling card is a familiar portrait of the Virgin Mary. Surrounding the religious icon are printed overlays that decorate both the toe and heel of the shoe. Norris further implements Christian iconography with a three cross embossment on the tongue, pull tab and midsole of the limited edition kicks. 

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The religious imagery Norris integrated into the Mother Mary mid tops and previous Kito Wares’ shoes represents sneakerheads’ tendencies to blindly worship brands. Though with the packed bundle the Mother Mary sneakers come in — including a seven wick candle inspired by Mary’s “Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows” title, a poster and a collectible box — it’s easy to understand why fans may religiously follow Kito Wares.

To cop the limited edition bundle retailing for $150 USD, visit the brand’s website where they’ll be released on October 29 at 5:00 p.m. ET. 
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