Lenny Kravitz Joins Peggy Gou for New Single "I Believe In Love Again"

Lenny Kravitz Joins Peggy Gou for New Single "I Believe In Love Again"

Musical polymath Peggy Gou has enlisted Grammy award-winner Lenny Kravitz for a new track, dubbed “I Believe In Love Again,” that transcends the categorical nature of music and instead lands in its own genre, somewhere between R&B and house.

Gou is famously adept in the rave music domain, but this collaboration came about through her appreciation for the R&B genre, and more specifically, her love for Kravitz’s work in the sphere in the ’90s. “The ’90s have had such a huge influence on my music,” said Gou in a statement. “People know about my love of the dance/house/rave scene from that time but I’ve always been a big R&B fan, and also a huge fan of Lenny.”

She continued, “I listened endlessly to his 1998 album, 5 – my personal favourite – but his whole discography is great, totally timeless. He came into the studio and transformed the guide vocal into magic, writing new lyrics and creating that incredible guitar riff. ‘I Believe In Love Again’ is a strong message of positivity and hope, and we hope everyone feels that when they hear the song.”

Gou celebrated the single’s release in Seoul with a guerrilla merch shop selling exclusive Peggy Goods in Itaewon. Naturally, the event was followed by an after-party that was held at the Yongsan venue, FERMENTS.

Listen to Peggy Gou and Lenny Kravitz’s new track, “I Believe In Love Again,” on Spotify and Apple Music below.

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