Leslie Odom Jr.'s Moving "Wait For It" Performance Applies to Election Day in a Big Way

On Broadway, Leslie Odom Jr. would deliver a compelling rendition of Hamilton‘s “Wait For It” on stage night after night. As Aaron Burr, he expressed the need to move carefully and resist risk. In 2020, however, Odom’s performance of the song holds a similar message with a different goal. Ahead of Election Day, Odom uses the powerful track to send an important message: the election results are worth waiting for.

You see, Donald Trump is making moves to undermine the democratic process by casting doubt on the validity of mail-in ballots and threatening to pursue legal action against the results, perhaps before votes are even fully counted. This dialogue stokes fear, but people like Odom continue to push for a fair and just outcome, despite the president’s claims.

“Every American who voted deserves to have their voice heard,” Odom said in the Nov. 2 clip. “In this historic election, millions of you have mailed your ballots or dropped them off — and all of us deserve to be counted.” For that reason, “Wait For It” is the perfect soundtrack to an otherwise tumultuous time. We can and should wait to find out who will lead the country for the next four years. Let Odom explain why in the video above.

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