Lil Baby Reflects on His Career in Two New Tracks, “Right On” and “In A Minute”

Lil Baby Reflects on His Career in Two New Tracks, “Right On” and “In A Minute”

Following a series of hard-hitting collaborations, Lil Baby has returned with two new singles of his own. The rapper dropped “Right On” and “In A Minute,” each paired with a high-production music video.

In the visual for “Right On,” Lil Baby cruises through his hometown neighborhood in Atlanta in a Rolls Royce. I’m way better than last time,” he asserts while rapping from the backset, reminding everyone that he’s improving each day.

On “In A Minute,” the rapper introspectively considers his progress over ominous piano melodies. “I’m in a different league,” he says, “I’m tired of showing what I can get done, what you gonna do for me?” The video flicks through a montage of him performing on stage, taking photos with fans and traveling to his next destination via private jet.

Just last week, Lil Baby also happened to secure his first GRAMMY award for his guest appearance alongside The Weeknd on Kanye West’s DONDA track “Hurricane.”

Stream Lil Baby’s “Right On” and “In A Minute” everywhere now.

In other music news, Alicia Keys has dropped a solo rendition of “City of Gods (Part II).”
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