MOLD Architects "NCaved" Home Is Concealed Within a Cliff

MOLD Architects has just unveiled its intriguing NCaved home built into the side of a cliff — hovering just above sea level.

Located in Serifos Island, Greece, the NCaved is straight out of a comic book with its hidden facade and overhangs that are obscured with natural patches of hillside turf. From an ariel view, the entire dwelling looks like a flat surface with square apertures cut out, but at ground level, the rectangular grid produces a three-dimensional “chessboard” of solids and voids — this also frees any potential obstructions, giving the occupants a wide-open view. Not only does building into the slope conceal the NCaved, but it also provides shelter from strong Northern winds.

The minimal interior of concrete, stone, wood, and iron combined with the shifted axis intensifies the illusion that the house is compact when in reality, its interior spans 360 sqm across the 6,000 sqm plot of land; each room is like a separate “cavity” within a larger negative space. A key design feature can be seen at the leftmost external staircase which connects all three levels. Walking right of the staircase presents a smooth descent into the living quarters while a blue sky is witnessed during the ascent, and a blue sea is offered during the descent.

Check out the video below for MOLD Architects’ NCaved home and the timelapse of the entire construction process.

nCAVED-Serifos from Panagiotis Voumvakis on Vimeo.

NCAVED timelapse_MOLD architects from MOLD architects on Vimeo.

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