Mums freaked out by Peppa Pig’s ‘real height’ and joke she will ‘knock you out’

Mums freaked out by Peppa Pig’s ‘real height’ and joke she will ‘knock you out’

The internet, as you probably already know, can be a pretty scary place – it's full of weird and wonderful facts and photos you just can't unsee.

Every day someone is making a bizarre discovery thanks to Google and the latest involves one of children's favourite cartoon animals.

According to social media, Peppa Pig is actually very big for her age.

Posting on Twitter , the YouTuber Memeulous shared a screenshot of a Google search for "Peppa Pig height" over the weekend, which appeared to claim the character is 7ft 1inch tall – a horrifying thought indeed!

Memeulous captioned the tweet, saying: "This is terrifying".

The post quickly went viral garnering over 216,000 likes and 43,000 retweets.

More than one thousand people also replied to the tweet, sharing their opinions on the supposed height.

One joked: "She will knock you clean out."

Another said: "No wonder the screen shook when she jumped in those muddy puddles."

A third added: "Imagine a 7'1" Peppa Pig in a dark hallway chasing you at night isolated."

Others began speculating about how tall that made other characters on the show – especially Daddy Pig.

A clever user attempted to do some calculations and claims that going by those measurements for Peppa, Mummy Pig would be 11ft 6 inches, while Daddy Pig would be a giant at 14ft 2inches.

Those who are now concerned about their little ones watching the show need not worry.

It doesn't seem that there's actually all that much truth in the height rumours, as a quick Google search for 'Peppa Pig height' will prove.

The search produces no results other than the height restrictions for rides at the Peppa Pig World theme park – though Peppa's Fandom Wiki page does claim she's a much more reasonable 3ft 9inches.

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