NASA Spacecraft Reveal That Saturn Has a "Fuzzy" Core

NASA Spacecraft Reveal That Saturn Has a "Fuzzy" Core

NASA has unveiled a new tidbit regarding the giant gas planet Saturn.

A team of researchers have been able to make new discoveries based on additional findings surrounding the planet’s rings. In the past, other theorists have suggested that Saturn’s core might be a ball of rock, however, in the most recent findings reveal that the core is likely “a diffuse soup of ice, rock, and metallic fluids” also known as a “fuzzy” core.

In a recent statement made by the California Institute of Technology, the researchers confirmed, “The analysis also reveals that the core extends across 60 percent of the planet’s diameter, which makes it substantially larger than previously estimated.” Through NASA’s Cassini, the team was able to highlight the ripples of the rings. Though astronomers have been aware of the planet’s jggling for decades, now this marks the first time they were able to seismically probe the structure of Saturn.

Lead scientist Christopher Mankovich said, “The fuzzy cores are like a sludge. The hydrogen and helium gas in the planet gradually mix with more and more ice and rock as you move toward the planet’s center.” With these findings, it offers humans a better understanding of what goes on within the gas planet.

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