Netflix Releases Trailer for Fashion-Filled Drama Series 'Halston' Starring Ewan McGregor

Halston — Netflix‘s upcoming miniseries on the supersonic rise and the catastrophic decline of the influential American fashion designer, Roy Halston Frowick — has Ryan Murphy‘s name written all over it.

The esteemed writer/producer, known for his work on American Horror Story, Pose and Glee, shows the exhilarating life of the celebrity-favorite stylecaster as co-executive producer alongside several industry names. Ahead of the series’ May 14 premiere, Netflix shared a first look at the upcoming project in a trailer on Monday.

Set to Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence,” the visual opens to Halston, played by Ewan McGregor, staring out over a New York City skyline as his first words echo in the backdrop: “I have a vision. I’m going to change the face of American fashion.” The trailer then flashes between clips of McGregor in the atelier concocting his namesake aesthetic, before delving into the designer’s stimulating social life at Studio 54, where high-profile faces and hard drugs are abound.

As the trailer continues, the protagonist begins to lose touch — telling off a group of men in suits during a business meeting, hurling a glass across a room, fighting with friends about his changed identity and ultimately breaking down crying on a chest of drawers. Leaving much of the drama up to the imagination for now, the clip ends with McGregor’s ominous voiceover, beckoning the question: “Do you every feel like everything you have could disappear in an instant?”

The limited series is directed by Daniel Minahan, who previously worked with Murphy on the fashion-leaning series American Crime Story: The Assassination Of Gianni Versace.

Also landing on Netflix is Sweet Tooth, a DC-comic-inspired adventure series produced by Robert Downey Jr. 
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