Next 'Battlefield' Installment Will Be Available On Last-Generation Consoles

Electronic Arts‘ CEO Andrew Wilson has reportedly confirmed in a recent investor call that despite being designed for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the upcoming installment of Battlefield will also run on last-gen consoles, including the PS4 and Xbox One.

Of course, the game will still make use of updated features such as its physics and artificial intelligence to improve “the immersive nature of the game.” The move shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the shortages next-gen consoles are facing. Just this week, a Sony executive has reportedly warned that PS5 delays could continue through 2022 due to global microchip shortages.

The news also comes just two months after EA announced that it’ll be delaying the next Need for Speed game so developers can focus on the next installment of Battlefield instead. While details regarding the game remain scarce at this point, the publisher has teased that more updates will come this June, and it also unveiled a new mobile game based on the franchise back in April.

Elsewhere in gaming, Amazon Game Studios has dropped a trailer for its upcoming MMO New World.
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