Hello, time travelers! Today we are jumping into the Delorean and going all the way back in time to…January 18, 1860!

What’re we doing there? Having lunch, of course! And we’ll be eating at Baltimore’s long-gone but legendary Barnum’s City Hotel (which Charles Dickens said was by far the most comfortable hotel he visited in America). Ready? Here we go!

  1. Pick a boiled item:

    Leg Mutton (mature sheep) and CapersSugar Cured HamCorned Beef with CabbageChicken, Oyster Sauce

  2. Pick a side dish:

    Chicken Salade, a La Jelly (chicken salad)Cotelette de Veau (veal ribs in cream)Tame Ducks, Braise aux Choix (Duck with your choice of braising)Poitrine d’Agneau, au Vin Rouge (lamb stew in red wine)Salmi de Grouse, as Vin Rouge (bird caserrole in red wine)Pigs’ Feet, Sauce RobertLaugne de Veau (Lamb and vegetables Italian stew)Haddock Bouiille, aux Pommes de Terre (fish and potatoes)Poulets Poelez, a la Creole (chicken over rice)Fricadeals of Pork, aux Ognons (fried pork and onions)Calves Head, au Cornichon (Calves head and pickle)Haricot De Mouton (lamb stew with turnips and onions)

  3. Pick a roast:


  4. Pick a vegetable:

    Irish PotatoesRiceHominy (dried corn kernels)Parsnips (root vegetable)BeetsTurnipsCabbageCeleryBeans

  5. Pick a pastry:

    Apple PuddingApple PieCranberry PieMince Pie

  6. And lastly, pick a dessert:

    AlmondsCheeseNutsRaisinsCharlotte de Pommes (sort of baked apple bread pudding)Queen CakeTapioca PuddingOrangesLady Cake (a white cake with dried fruits and nuts)Wafer Jumbles (cookies, basically)ApplesMadeira Jelly

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