Paola Pivi Invites You Tumble Across an Immersive Denim Tunnel

Paola Pivi Invites You Tumble Across an Immersive Denim Tunnel

Paola Pivi is usually known for creating eccentric animal sculptures that embody human mannerisms. Spanning the familiar to the strange, the Milan-born, Alaska-based artist seeks to challenge her viewers perception of space and understanding of reality.

Her latest exhibition, Free Land Scape is a noticeable departure from her figurative work, but one that is arguably the most immersive to date. Housed at Perrotin’s New York outpost, the show invites audiences into a 100-foot tunnel of denim draped around the white walls of the space. “The white cube is actually a magic cube of protection, which allows an artist to make the best possible art and the viewer to focus in the best possible way,” she said in a statement.

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Characteristic of her past work, Pivi regularly employs utilitarian materials in her practice, from feathers, ribbons and now denim. “Free Land Scape creates a little magic for the adult who climbs on it: suddenly the body becomes one of a child again, fearless of falling, swimming in denim, exploring space and movement in a fluid and weightless way,” Pivi added.

The exhibition is nearing its final days and will be on view at Perrotin New York until July 29.

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