Phoebe Waller-Bridge Exits Mr. And Mrs. Smith Reboot Starring Donald Glover

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Exits Mr. And Mrs. Smith Reboot Starring Donald Glover

While the other Mr. and Mrs. Smith work out some differences off-screen, the previously announced Amazon reboot series about the titular spy couple has encountered some issues of its own. 

“Fleabag” creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge has exited the project as the female lead due to creative differences, according to Deadline, leaving behind Donald Glover, who is still attached to star as well as co-create and executive-produce the series alongside his “Atlanta” collaborator Francesca Sloane.

The new take of the 2005 blockbuster directed by Doug Liman, which famously served as the breeding ground for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship, was first announced in February as part of Glover’s overall eight-figure deal with Amazon. Waller-Bridge, of course, is also in deep with the tech giant, which was home to her Emmy-winning series for two seasons. 

At the time, Waller-Bridge and Glover excitedly revealed the project via coordinated Instagram posts with the former even recreating Jolie’s pose from the original film’s poster. The series was meant to be “a new take and iteration” on the premise of a married couple who discover they’re employed by rival spy agencies. 

Glover, who came up with the idea of adapting the film into a series, originally pitched the idea to Waller-Bridge after the pair worked together on “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”

But perhaps Waller-Bridge had gotten her espionage fill from co-writing the upcoming James Bond film or realized that matching Brangelina’s off-the-charts chemistry was a fool’s errand, as she reportedly dropped out over having a “different creative vision for the series” than Glover, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

Both creators have a track record of scripting and starring in their own material ― the new season of Glover’s series “Atlanta” is due sometime next year ― so perhaps collaborating proved to be too challenging. 

Waller-Bridge’s parting, however, appears to be amicable, the outlet noted, with her role set to be recast, as the series is still aiming for a 2022 debut.  

And, if your dreams of seeing her as an action star are crushed, rest assured she’ll be globe-trotting and treasure-hunting with the best of them in the fifth Indiana Jones film, which is currently in production.



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