Porsche Hits the Waves With Latest Collaborations

Porsche Hits the Waves With Latest Collaborations

Porsche has recently embarked on two water-based collaborations, showcasing its innovative approach to performance and design beyond the automotive sector.

Partnering with Frauscher Boats, they have introduced the 850 Fantom Air, an electric sports boat and with water sports Duotone, for a limited-edition kiteboarding kit reminiscent of the iconic “Pink Pig” Porsche 917/20 race car livery.

On Lake Garda, Italy, Porsche and Frauscher proudly presented the first production model of the 850 Fantom Air, an electric sports boat that integrates the drive technology of the upcoming all-electric Porsche Macan. This collaborative venture allowed international media and interested parties to experience the eFantom’s outstanding handling characteristics, courtesy of its Premium Platform Electric (PPE) based powertrain technology.

With a peak power of 400 kW, the eFantom demonstrates an intriguing blend of luxurious experience and high-performance sailing, capable of reaching top speeds of 52 mph or 46 knots in Sport Plus mode. Its innovative design extends to its charging capabilities, with over 250 kW of DC current at DC fast-charging stations, enabling a rapid charge from 10 to 80 percent in under 30 minutes.

An exclusive first edition of 25 units is set to make its world premiere in January of 2024, at the “boot” trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, with a starting price of just over $595,727 USD — Porsche and Frauscher have launched a dedicated site for those who wish to express interest.

Additionally, as opposed to making waves, its other collaboration is riding them. In collaboration with water sports brand Duotone, Porsche has produced a limited-edition kiteboarding set.

First revealed in Tarifa, Spain, the set draws inspiration from the legendary Porsche 917/20, also known as the “Pink Pig” or “Big Bertha.” The special edition, limited to 360 units, incorporates Duotone’s Evo SLS technology, ensuring optimal kite performance across three different size offerings.

Beyond offering an exciting product for collectors and enthusiasts, the release will also benefit emerging talents in the sport, with a portion of the revenue generated from the sales of the kite and board to be injected into Duotone’s “Young Blood” program — where it provides training opportunities as well as courses on dealing with social media and acquiring sponsors.

Both collaborations underscore Porsche’s reach beyond automotive, blending its identity of performance and design with the nautical and kiteboarding spheres. Price and availability for the Porsche x Duotone kiteboarding kit has yet to be announced at the time of writing. While you wait for that update, check it out in action in the video below.

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