Rider Launches a New Collection Inspired By The Oceans and Focused On Sustainability

Rider Launches a New Collection Inspired By The Oceans and Focused On Sustainability

Rider has just launched the new Rider R4 Spaces collection, featuring 5 models, including slides, flip-flops, and sandals. These products draw inspiration from the seas and oceans, one of the primary ecological concerns of our time. The marine ecosystem also influenced the colors, shapes, textures, and patterns of the models. The campaign concept and product attributes underscore Grendene’s commitment and concern for sustainability in its business. Grendene is one of Brazil’s largest shoe exporters and the owner of the Rider brand.

“The Rider R4 program symbolizes the brand’s ‘race for sustainability’ and began in 2020 with the introduction of a new concept based on the 4Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recreate the future. The new collection continues this program, now focusing on the ‘Recreate’ aspect, using creative expressions as a means to amplify Rider’s sustainability message while reaffirming the purpose of ‘Recreating futures, together,’” explains Alexandre Reis Ferreira, Brand and Communication Manager at Rider.

To headline the campaign, Rider has invited four artists who are closely connected to the pillars of this new collection: sustainability and oceans. Nature and water are key elements in various cultures and beliefs, influencing the lives and work of singers Luedji Luna and Hodari. The seas also serve as a source of inspiration for the visual artist Caio Kronig, who paints on fabric. Artist Desali Xo uses waste materials to create his works, establishing a direct link to the “Recreate” aspect.

Since 2011, Grendene has been undertaking various actions to reduce the environmental impact of its operations and products, combining sustainability principles with the comfort and unique design of its footwear. The new Rider R4 Spaces collection includes monomaterial products (i.e., made from a single type of material) to facilitate recyclability, as the footwear doesn’t need to be disassembled for recycling. Additionally, it utilizes low-impact materials such as biobased EVA (made with at least 25% sugarcane), recycled PVC (repurposing production leftovers and reducing the use of virgin materials), and fabrics made from recycled PET bottles. The brand also promotes reverse logistics by offering collection points for Grendene products at Rider Spaces Copan, its physical store in São Paulo, and at over 400 Melissa Clubs and Galleries.

These efforts have been recognized through a series of actions and awards, including registration with the Vegan Society (UK) because all of the footwear is free from animal components and testing. In 2022, Grendene received the ECO® Award from Amcham in the Sustainability Practices – Products and Services for Large Companies category. This recognition was thanks to the products of the R4 Program (launched between 2020 and 2021), which resulted in an estimated reduction of 16.7 tons of CO2eq in the atmosphere. “We are pleased with the recognitions we have gained on our journey. We understand that sustainability and innovation go hand in hand, and we remain committed to continuously evolving toward solutions with reduced impact on processes and products,” says Carlos André Carvalho, Sustainability Development Manager at Grendene. To learn more about the brand’s initiatives and achievements in this area, you can access the 2022 Sustainability Report.

The sustainability journey of R4 is also linked to various partnerships and social projects. The first of these is with Eco Local Brasil, an organization recognized as the most active in Brazil in combating marine litter. Rider joined the NGO in two specific actions: a beach cleanup on Ilha do Mel (PR) in September of this year, resulting in the collection of over 300 kg of waste. Some of this waste was transformed into trash bins installed in the same region, and the rest was turned into keychains with maritime motifs to be distributed as campaign gifts. The second action was an environmental awareness lecture at schools on Ilha do Mel, accompanied by the distribution of toys produced by the organization from recycled materials.

Another project supported by Rider is “Casulo Pra Rua”, which distributes lightweight and waterproof sleeping bags to people living on the streets. Rider donated these products to the homeless population in downtown São Paulo, near the Copan Building (where the brand’s physical store is located) on October 24th, in an event that saw the participation of company employees and brand influencers. Rider has also partnered with “Marulho”, a socio-environmental impact business that transforms used fishing nets into new products, including a bag that will be used in some of the brand’s activities.

The new collection is already available for sale in physical stores and online, as well as through authorized distributors worldwide.
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