Sega’s Creative Assembly Will Launch a New Science Fiction Shooter ‘Hyenas’

Sega’s Creative Assembly Will Launch a New Science Fiction Shooter ‘Hyenas’

The Sega-owned British game developer Creative Assembly to develop Hyenas, a multiplayer sci-fi shooter title. Taking place in a future where billionaires have colonized Mars, the game challenges its players, vigilante pirates, to steal from their spaceships and compete for the biggest takeaway.

Matches take place with 15 players, split into five teams of three. To get the loot, the pirates must outsmart “murphs,” the billionaires’ AI-controlled guards.

The game takes place on ships traveling between Mars and Earth, and its maps are pretty extensive, with multiple rooms available for exploration. Certain spots will also allow for players to move around via zero-gravity.

Launched in 1987, Creative Assembly is responsible for games such as Alien: Isolation, a number of EA Sports titles and the critically-acclaimed Total War series. The studio was acquired by Sega in 2005, marking its entry into the console market. Hyenas will be available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PCs.

The Hyenas developers are currently accepting sign-ups for a closed alpha test on the game’s website. A release date has yet to be announced.

In other gaming news, the Elden Ring fan demake for the Gameboy is now playable for free.
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