Sideswipe: Fish catchers crossing

The tale of one British anaesthetist

So, a lovely gasdoc ( an anaesthetist)was working a lot with Covid-19 patients and has young children who don’t understand social distancing. His infection control strategy was to build an outdoor shower. He lives in rural location. Home, clothes off, outdoor shower, THEN hug the kids. He purchased a shower cubicle of completely clear glass. Worked perfectly. He’d head home and decontaminate every evening. No one overlooked his garden. All good. One day his children went to play in the garden and sadly found a dead cat. They told their mum, who posted on a local social media group and the cat’s owners were found. They wanted to collect their cat and lay him to rest in their own garden. Dr Gasdoc got home that evening after a busy, sweaty shift. He was unaware of the cat incident. He stripped and jumped into his outdoor shower and got to work soaping the bits that men need to soap. Suddenly he gots the sensation that he was being watched. He looked round and saw a vaguely familiar family from down the road holding a very stiff, very dead cat. And watching him perform his ablutions. This being England, he just said “Afternoon” and carried on. And the cat family equally wished him a “Good Afternoon” and got on their way. He later discovered why they were in his garden. Perhaps the best part of this is that it was never spoken of again. No attempt to explain. Neighbours must still wonder why that man, with an adequate house and lovely family, took naked showers in the garden. They just pass each other in the road and nod politely. (Via Rosie C @gaswomancometh)

Campervan wisdom

A limerick by Edwin G White

A mob of MAGA persuasion,
Conducted a statehouse invasion.
Though heavily armed, they were mostly unharmed,
And that’s how you know they’re Caucasian.

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