Simple trick for perfectly folding a fitted sheet is blowing people’s minds

Simple trick for perfectly folding a fitted sheet is blowing people’s minds

We all love nothing more than getting into bed after putting freshly washed sheets on.

But in between washes, folding and storing the fitted sheet can be a real nightmare.

Most of the time we just end up scrunching the thing into a ball and shoving it into a cupboard or drawer until next time the bed needs changing.

However, we'll now be able to put the sheet away properly and it's all thanks to an Australian woman named Kris.

Kris, who works at Adairs in the Pacific Fair Shopping Centre in Queensland, was recently the star of a video on the store's Facebook page.

In the clip, which has been viewed more than 490,000 times, she shows viewers a quick and easy way to neatly fold a fitted sheet.

And she does it in several easy to follow steps.

Kris starts by telling people watching at home that she's going to take them "back to basics" before getting into the technique.

Here's a look at how she does it:

1. The first step sees you put a hand inside two corners of the shorter side of the sheet and place the whole thing down on a flat surface.

2. Then, take your hands out and place your fingers on the outside corners at the other end of the sheet and push them inside out.

3. Next, with your fingers still on the inside of those corners, match the ends up by tucking them inside each other.

4. The fourth step involves gathering the ends of the elastic, corner to corner before picking the sheet up through the middle and shaking it out.

5. After this, place your right hand into the right corner of the sheets and tuck your left hand over the other corner. Lay it down on a flat surface again – by now it should be forming a nice rectangle shape.

6. Take one side of the sheet and fold length ways into the middle, repeat with the other side, before folding over the other way two or three times to make a neat square of sheets.

Written down it sounds much more complicated than it actually is, so make sure to watch Kris demonstrating the technique before you give it a go!

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