Singapore-born actor Aaron Aziz treated well on set of Hong Kong action movie

If you are an Aaron Aziz fan and in Johor Baru, you may want to watch Hong Kong action flick Undercover Punch And Gun.

The Singapore-born artist, who is based in Malaysia, adds another feather to his cap with a supporting role, alongside big guns like Andy On and Vanness Wu, in the movie about the efforts to take down a drug syndicate.

Undercover was released in Malaysian cinemas last week.

According to newspaper Sinar Harapan, Aaron, 43, who signed on to stretch his wings, revealed that he was well taken care of on the set.

He was provided with halal food, for example.

The star of hit Malaysian movies like KL Gangster (2011) and Ombak Rindu (2011) is also featured in the film’s trailer, packed with action sequences amid backdrops of shipping containers.

“Everything went well throughout shooting and the treatment for each actor was equal,” said Aaron.

Over the weekend, he also posted on Instagram his appreciation of his stepfather, writing that the latter is the “only father figure that I know of ever since my biological father left me when I was just a few years old”.

“He took me and my three siblings in as his own. And till today, he doesn’t have a child bearing his own name. All of us bear different surnames than his. He is our hero. My mum’s hero. My hero.”

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