Stanley Ho's daughter visits her boyfriend's home town in China

BEIJING • Will wedding bells soon ring for Ms Laurinda Ho and Chinese-Canadian actor Shawn Dou?

The couple have sparked talk of marriage since they disclosed their relationship on social media in April last year.

In October last year, Dou, who shot to fame in Chinese director Zhang Yimou’s 2010 movie Under The Hawthorn Tree, was said to have taken Ms Ho to Canada to meet his parents.

There was even speculation in July that Ms Ho, daughter of late Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho, and Dou were already married.

The actor was seen at the tycoon’s funeral for three consecutive days and it was rumoured as a son-in-law.

Earlier this week, Ms Ho, 29, and Dou, 31, were spotted in his home town in Xi’an, China.

On Monday night, the Shaanxi Huaqing Palace Cultural Tourism posted on Weibo photos of the couple in the city, as it welcomed the couple to watch the live-action historical dance drama The Song Of Everlasting Sorrow.

In one photo, the couple were seen accepting a souvenir from a staff member; while in another, they had their face masks on.

Netizens said they looked like two students listening attentively to a teacher with their hands behind their backs.

The couple had attended Chinese influencer Grace Chow’s birthday celebration last Saturday before flying to Xi’an.

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